How to wash a car in winter in frost at a self-service car wash? 5 features

Do you need to wash your car in winter? And if so, how is it right?

There are two reasons why it is important to wash cars in winter. Firstly, in winter our cars collect much more dirt, salt and harmful reagents than in summer. Reagents are especially active on car bodies at temperatures near zero, but even at sub-zero temperatures, the effect continues. Secondly, road dirt accumulates on the windows and scratches them when we use windshield wipers and scrapers.

Can a car be washed in any frost?

We did not find in any manual for the operation of a car a ban on washing the body in cold weather. The only thing worth noting is that motorists can successfully use self-service car washes down to minus 10°C. To wash your car yourself at lower temperatures, you need to have a good experience, otherwise the washing solution will freeze and you will not have time to wash it off. At temperatures below minus 10°C, it is recommended to use a hand wash.

Features of washing in cold weather start at -5°C

Down to minus 5°С car washing, in fact, does not differ from washing at positive temperatures. But if the temperature approaches minus 10 ° C, then there are several subtleties. The main point is to do everything so that the washing solution does not freeze, has time to work out.

1st feature: Pick a time when there is no strong wind

In strong winds, the cleaning solution freezes faster. Yes, and most wash the car in the wind is extremely uncomfortable.

2nd feature: My well-warmed up car

To do this, you can turn on the stove in the cabin to the maximum, turn on intensive airflow, as well as defrosters for windows and mirrors. In this way, the car body will warm up and the washing solution will act on pollution for a longer time. Why is it important to separately heat the windows and mirrors – only so that at the end of the wash the water does not freeze on them, which will limit the driver’s view. If drops of water freeze on the body – it’s okay, they will soon go away on their own.

3rd feature: During washing, we do not turn off the engine, the stove remains at maximum

Taxi drivers have been doing this for a long time, but other motorists usually turn off their engines. Meanwhile, in cold weather, you need to continue to warm the body.

4th feature: We prepare tokens or cash in advance (depending on the car wash)

Again, in order not to interrupt the washing process. If the composition freezes during the washing process, it will take a lot of time and effort to melt it.

Feature 5: Use wax to help drive water off the body before it freezes

Wax is also important at positive temperatures, but in cold weather it becomes especially relevant. It is also important that the sink has lukewarm water in the wash mode and in the flush mode.

How to dry the car so that the rubber bands do not freeze?

Most often, motorists are afraid of frozen doors after visiting car washes. But this problem is easily solved. You can pre-apply silicone to the rubber door seals. Then, after washing the car, you can immediately continue driving. After washes, you can simply open the car doors for a few minutes. The water on the seals will partially drain, partially evaporate, partially freeze. But the doors themselves will no longer freeze to the seals.