Waterless dry car wash: what does it consist of and what are the advantages?

This process saves water in each wash

One of the alternatives to wash the body or exterior of the car is through a dry process, that is, without using water and only using certain products that are for sale in stores or online.

Although the practice of dry cleaning the car saves water, it is important to do it perfectly, since not doing it can damage the paint.

What is a dry car wash?

It is important that specific products are used to dry-clean cars and not only clean the exterior with a dry cloth, as this is extremely harmful to the bodywork, scratching it with dust particles.

All waterless car wash products use a formula that consists of polymers that act on dirt and dust, encapsulating them and then dissolving them, allowing them to clean and achieve a scratch-free finish.

How do you dry wash a car?

In the waterless car wash, in addition to the special product, a microfiber cloth is necessary to spread the formula on the surface to be cleaned. After applying the product, it will leave the most solid dirt in suspension, which can be quickly and easily removed with a cloth.

To achieve a perfect result, the ideal is to make a second pass, always with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not forget to clean the cloth to remove dirt residues and pass it over the bodywork in the same direction.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry cleaning

Due to the fact that it is necessary to pass the cloth by zones and for a better finish in two times, the dry cleaning of the cars takes more time than a traditional wash, however, it is possible to do the cleaning in places where restrictions of Water.

To the above, we must add that it allows you to thoroughly clean the car at any time, in any place and without spending liters of water. The latter is extremely transcendental from an ecological point of view, since normally 20 to 140 liters of water are needed to wash a car.

One of the disadvantages of dry cleaning is that the products have a somewhat high price, especially when compared to a traditional shampoo that does require water.

It should be emphasized that dry cleaning cannot scratch the paint, of course as long as the product is used. In addition to not damaging the bodywork, it helps to leave a shiny appearance as if it had been waxed.