Most people make these mistakes: how (not) to wash a car

Improper use of high-pressure cleaners is fraught with electrical failure and damage to the paintwork.

With the spread of self-service car washes, some motorists “moved” there. Only now the wrong car wash can end badly for the car.

First of all, you need to know how to use a spray gun, the pressure in which is maintained at 170 bar.

It is necessary to start washing from a distance of about one meter, gradually changing the angle from 45 to 25 degrees and bringing the sprayer closer to the surface by 50 cm.

If you neglect these rules, then, for example, pieces of paint can chip off from the paintwork of a car. Rubber bands for door and glass seals can break, and chrome plating on plastic parts will come off.

But the worst thing is when water gets into the engine compartment. If the jet hits the engine control unit, then subsequent short circuits can damage the microcircuits.