Steam washing of heavy equipment

We provide industrial steam washing services for the following types of equipment:

Road equipment:

Asphalt pavers, rollers, bitumen trucks, graders, scrapers

Forestry equipment:

Mulchers, forwarders, skidders, bulldozers, tree trees, harvester

Construction machinery:

Excavators, bulldozers, loaders, diesel generators, HDD installations

Career technology:.

Dump trucks, excavators, draglines, crushing plants, screening machines



On clean special equipment, you can always notice a hydraulic leak in a timely manner. A hose of a high pressure hose or a gasket of a hydraulic pump, on dirty vehicles you will learn about a leak only when the tank with expensive hydraulic oil is empty or when a piston is jammed. If you keep your equipment in a clean condition, then you can make decisions in a timely manner about replacing any unit on the basis of external signs of wear.


The rules for transporting special equipment along highways have become more stringent lately. When transporting a dirty excavator on a trawl, you can get a huge fine. Washing an excavator with steam will cost you incomparably less and cheaper.


Renting out special equipment is not only a way to make money, but also an excellent advertisement of your activity. The form in which you leased your equipment depends on whether you will have orders in the future. You can place great advertising on your special equipment, but it will look much better if you give your equipment a presentable look.


How to sell a product with the maximum profit? First of all, you need to give it a presentable appearance. But how to do this on a bulky car with a bunch of all sorts of oily components and assemblies? Our company uses mobile diesel steam generators for these purposes. Under a pressure of 10 bar and a temperature of 200C, steam penetrates into the most inaccessible places and cleans any, even the most old, stubborn dirt.

Why wash radiators and engines with steam?

Have you noticed that your equipment has started to overheat frequently? Is the air conditioner in your car not working properly? The problem lies in the contamination of the radiator honeycomb. For normal cooling of antifreeze and oil, the radiator honeycomb must be freely ventilated. If they are clogged, then cooling occurs slowly, which periodically can lead to overheating of the engine. Washing the radiator annually with steam can prevent major, costly engine repairs from overheating. Here you can wash the radiator without dismantling it! A special steam nozzle allows you to clean the radiator honeycomb without removing it.

Offsite cleaning of special equipment by ferry

For owners of tracked vehicles and vehicles not intended for driving on highways, we can offer an on-site steam wash.

We work extremely quickly and simply:

You leave a request on our website, through the feedback form and order a steam wash, describe what needs to be washed and where to go, our managers will contact you and discuss the details and price. If the service of high-pressure washing and a steam generator is needed urgently, the team will leave like firefighters to call within 10 minutes after confirming the order! Yes, now it is a reality, we always have a team on duty for urgent trips. The fact is that at the moment we have the largest fleet of vehicles and equipment. We always have on the basis of about 15 units of each type of technician in working order, ready to go to order in a matter of minutes.

It’s not just a steam generator that comes to your facility.

Our equipment is supplied:

  • on board transport (if necessary, it can be unloaded)
  • with diesel fuel, in an amount sufficient for continuous operation for 24 hours;
  • with an experienced operator, whose main task is to control the uninterrupted operation of equipment with a steam pressure of at least 10 bar and a steam temperature of about 200 C;
  • with professional steam hoses, at least 60 meters long, if necessary, we can provide additional hoses up to 200 meters long;
  • with tap water for continuous operation for 8 hours, if necessary, we can organize the provision of the steam generator with water in the required volume;

For a completely autonomous operation of the steam generator, we can come with an electric generator and independently provide our equipment with electricity with the required parameters.