Which pressure washer to choose to clean your exterior?

Ideal for maintaining the facade of your house, the walls, the terrace, the car, the walls of the swimming pool… The high pressure cleaner allows you to clean your entire exterior. Here are our tips for choosing the right one.

Not all pressure washer models on the market can clean all outdoor spaces. It all depends on its features, its equipment or its price. Follow the leader!

Pressure washer pressure

Pressure measures the force at which water is forced out of the cleaner and therefore its ability to loosen grime from a surface. The most affordable and simple models are satisfied with a few tens of bars, while the advanced pressure washers are capable of reaching more than 300 bars. Entry-level models will therefore be able to take off the mud of an ATV with their pressure of 110 bars. On the other hand, to restore its youth to a terrace, it will be better to opt for models that display a pressure greater than 120 bars.

Pressure washer flow rate

Pressure is not the only criterion to take into account when buying. It is the combination of speed, power and different features that is important and that will affect its performance. Expressed in liters per hour (l/h), the flow rate of modest pressure washers varies between 200 and 300 l/h. It can go up to more than 600 l/h for more expensive models. Note that a high flow rate often guarantees less working time for a given surface.

The frequency of use of the pressure washer

For rather occasional use, prefer a pressure of 100 to 120 bars, so you can wash your car, your terrace or your garden furniture for example. This type of machine is particularly suitable for wooden surfaces that do not support too much pressure and could risk defibration. For the occasional washing of floors and terrace tiles, gutters or exterior facades, a pressure of 120 to 140 bars is preferred. On the other hand, for much more frequent use, a pressure of more than 140 bars is necessary. You will be able to clean walls, metal grilles, motors or any other surface.