Schaumburg Pressure Washing Services

This is not just a cleaning company, it is a high-tech company with highly qualified employees in its team who will do their job at the highest level and at competitive prices.

Our equipment:

Built-in areas and boxes for high pressure cleaning

We have a large box with a modern high-tech sink for large and heavy equipment, if necessary, we can even wash a Liebherr T 284 mining dump truck in our box. Our portal for washing can be transformed to fit any special equipment.

If you do not have the opportunity or do not have time to deliver your equipment to us for production, contact us and we will send you our mobile team of professionals.

We have in our arsenal a Mobile car wash ITECO TRUCK WASH 500 DHP, we can take it to the location of your truck or bus. and wash your technique

We also have a team of industrial climbers who are ready to clean buildings at any height.

Another service that we provide is washing the bottom of small vessels and boats, yachts and boats.

Our Partner AGA PARTS Company “Global Heavy Machinery Parts Dealers”