Deficiencies in car care

trunk cleaning
Germs feel particularly comfortable in the trunk – regular cleaning is advisable

Everyone knows that a car is not germ-free. However, the fact that there are more strains of bacteria in the interior of the vehicle than in ordinary toilets may come as a surprise. A study by the British Aston University found that to be the case. High time to change the car care.

  • The highest level of germs is in the trunk
  • Bacteria alarm on driver’s seat and shifter
  • Clean the inside of cars regularly

The British Aston University (Birmingham) examined five different vehicles between the ages of two and 17 years. Children and animals were traveling in three cars, and only the pet in one. All five cars were bought used. They compared the samples that the researchers took from the cars with the samples from two toilets.

Trunk: More bacteria than in a toilet

The researchers were able to identify 1,425 strains of bacteria in the rear compartments alone. According to the study, most bacteria can be found in the trunk. Bacterial contamination – including faecal germs – was even higher than that of an average toilet. Coli bacteria could also be detected in many cases. They can trigger gastrointestinal diseases.

Tip: Wash fruit, vegetables etc. thoroughly in the future. Just wipe other things that you clear out of the trunk.

Driver’s seat and shift lever heavily soiled

According to the study, 649 types of bacteria were found in the driver’s seat – including faecal germs. The disgust ranking is followed by the shift lever (407 strains of bacteria), the rear seat (323 strains of bacteria) and the dashboard (317 strains of bacteria).

Tip: Wipe the steering wheel and shift lever often with an antibacterial damp cloth.

Steering wheel: Fewer germs – probably thanks to Corona

Surprising: Only 146 different types of germs were detected on the steering wheel. What sounds reassuring at first is deceptive. The researchers believe that the picture is clouded by the corona hygiene measures because people are currently frequently disinfecting their hands. The scientists assume that the steering wheel is normally subjected to the most stress – similar to the button on a toilet flush.

The germs come over the years

The study was able to clearly demonstrate that the bacterial load increases the older a vehicle is. Bacterial strains therefore continue to accumulate with age.

Tip: If you buy a used car, you should take enough time for a thorough cleaning and especially clean the trunk. Carpet and plastic cleaners are suitable for this.

Proper car care: It is essential to clean the inside as well

So if you want to take good care of your car, you should not only drive your car to the car wash from time to time, but also clean it regularly from the inside.